Green barnea olives in the Holy Land Israel about to be picked to make extra virgin olive oil

How to check if olive oil is real

Here are three easy ways you can check at home if the olive oil you have at home is 100% pure:

1. Cool it

Place some olive oil in the refrigerator overnight. Pure olive oil solidifes to the texture of soft butter when refrigerated due to its high monounsaturated fat content. If the oil doesn't solidify, it may have been cut with inferior oils.

2. Look at the color

Pure olive oil ranges from golden yellow to green in color, depending on the type and ripeness of the olives used. If the oil has an unusually light or clear color, it may be an indication of lower quality or potential adulteration.

3. Sniff and taste

Pure extra virgin olive oil has a distinct aroma and flavor. Take a sniff:  It should have a fresh, fruity smell.  Swish some in your mouth: it should have a pleasant, slightly bitter or peppery taste. If you are sensitive you might even feel a slight burn in the back of your throat due the polyphenols naturally contained in extra virgin olive oil.  Polyphenols are REALLY good for you.

Pure extra virgin olive oil is a pleasure to eat!  If the oil you have at home isn't delicious, well, it might not be real.

As one of our regular customers wrote in a recent review: 

"I've been using olive oil for the last 40 years but never had a clue that there's actually an oil that is not overly "greasy", oil that smells and tastes great, oil that can be used for all kinds of cooking, as a salad dressing, with hummus and bread dipping and everything else that requires oil as part of a recipe.
I've been using Holive Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel exclusively for just about last 2 years and as long as the quality stays the same I’ll NEVER CHANGE TO ANY OTHER BRAND….NEVER !
I understand, some folks gonna read this short review and say—man, it's just an oil…but I challenge you, check it out, put it to a test in your own kitchen and see for yourself that "not all oils are created equal""

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