Holive Oil helps support:

  • Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Essential CoQ10 Levels
  • Heart Healthy Energy
  • Healthy Circulation
  • Product Details

    • Harvested and pressed in the Valley of Sorek in Israel.
    • We hand pick our olives at first harvest for maximal healthfulness and flavor, and immediately cold press them to make Holive extra virgin olive oil. 
    • Perfect for raw use, dipping, drizzling, cooking, or anointing.
  • Food Pairing

    Wonderful with bread or salads, raw or cooked vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, pasta, pizza, soup, stews and sauces.

  • Nutritional Info

    • Made from early harvest Barnea olives which have a high concentrations of polyphenols.
    • Clinical studies have linked high-polyphenol olive oil with protecting heart health by helping reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and high cholesterol levels.
    • Polyphenols are believed to slow down the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.
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Our customers in their own words

  • F.

    "Superb and tastes like no other. Delicious; some of the best EVOO I've ever had."

  • Jamie

    "Best olive oil i have ever tasted.. a smooth flavor without any bitter bite to it at all. Absolutely worth the money."

  • S.

    "A hint of a nutty flavor which is what I like, cooks very well, nice smooth touch to a salad, plus I support Israel wherever I can."

  • Robin S.

    "Can't recommend this highly enough. OMG! This is the most flavorful olive oil I've ever tasted, and I didn't even know olive oil could be that flavorful. This brand has a "nutty" taste to it, which adds to pretty much everything I cook."

  • Judy

    "I love this olive oil! I've been using it for several years now. It adds great flavor to everything I cook and puts all other oils to shame here in the USA, which are highly processed and not real olive oil."

  • D. B.

    "Easily the best olive oil I've ever eaten. It has a better texture and flavor than the commercial junk at the grocery stores, even the pricier brands. I hadn't realized that the olive oil I'd been getting was a lil sticky feeling until I tried Holive Oil. Now I'm ruined LOL not going back!!"

  • John L

    "This Oil is SUPERB in many ways ! ! !
    First, it’s made in ISRAEL, country where olive oil has been used for more than three millennia’s not only for cooking but in many cases for highly noble purposes.
    Second…the quality is second to none.
    Also, it comes in a metal container, which guarantees freshness of the product and safety when accidentally tipped over.
    I’ve been using olive oil for the last 40 years but never had a clue that there’s actually an oil that is not overly “greasy”, oil that smells and tastes great, oil that can be used for all kinds of cooking, as a salad dressing, with hummus and bread dipping and everything else that requires oil as part of a recipe.
    I’ve been using Holive Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel exclusively for just about last 2 years and as long as the quality stays the same I’ll NEVER CHANGE TO ANY OTHER BRAND….NEVER !
    I understand, some folks gonna read this short review and say—man, it’s just an oil…but i challenge you, check it out, put it to a test in your own kitchen and see for yourself that “not all oils are created equal” I mean—hahaha—produced equal….Yep
    Did I mention about the Excellent Customer Service ? All your questions and concerns will be answered in no time, simply, great people selling great product. Support hard working people of Israel, let’s fight the
    godless BDS !

  • Jim in CA

    "This was my third order of three containers of this olive oil. If you have not had it and have only ever had grocery store olive oil you are in for a pleasant surprise. I was visiting and touring Israel a couple of years ago, The produce in the hotels and Kibbutz where I ate was fantastic. Many of the dishes used olive oil on them. I was not a big lover of olive oil as a dressing, but that changed when I had the Israeli oil. It is a lighter, but richer flavor and brings out the flavor of the item it is served with. If you ever cook egg whites and get turned off by the bland taste even when using mushrooms, green onions, salt and pepper. It is a whole new dish when cooked in this oil."

  • Mary D.

    "I never knew olive oil could taste like this! I've always bought it from the grocery store and most of it is Spanish origin. Never thought it was anything to brag about and didn't 'love' the taste of it. This olive oil is wonderful! Now I see where people would want to drizzle it on food & dip bread into it & such things. It has a full, nutty sort of flavor that is truly different than any olive oil I have ever purchased. I will be buying more soon from this producer in Israel. Love supporting Israel so I was so glad that it tasted to awesome! Wonderful product. Comes in a metal bottle, which is unique."

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