The Taste of the Holy Land


Holive extra virgin olive oil from Israel

Holive extra virgin olive oil from Israel

  • Extra virgin gourmet olive oil from our farm in Israel.
  • First cold press.
  • Subtle blossomy flavor with nutty undertones. A bit of a peppery bite. A flowery, fresh aroma.
  • Does not overpower food but rather complements it so you can use in every recipe that calls for olive oil. 
  • Dip bread. Drizzle on salad. Marinate meat and fish. Enjoy with cheese and vegetables.
  • Beautiful easy pour metal bottles protect the olive oil from damaging light. 
  • Each bottle contains 30.4 fl. oz. (900 mL)
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Product details

  • 100% pure Holy Land olive oil from Israel.  This is the oil that is mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible, used for thousands of years in Israel for eating and sustaining life and health.
  • Cold pressed from a type of olive native to Israel called Barnea.  The olives are hand picked in the first harvest from our grove in the Valley of Soreq in Israel.
  • Packaged in 30.4 fl. oz. (900 mL) easy pour metal bottles that protect the olive oil from damaging light.
  • Star K certification.

Enjoy with

Holive Oil pairs best with bread, salads, raw or cooked vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, pasta, pizza, soup, stews and sauces.

Farm details

Our olives are grown on a family farm in the Valley of Soreq in Israel. They are cold-pressed by a master miller within hours of harvest for freshness and flavor.

Nutritional info

Holive Oil Is made from early harvest Barnea olives which have a high concentrations of polyphenols. Clinical studies have linked high-polyphenol olive oil with protecting heart health by helping reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and high cholesterol levels. Polyphenols are also believed to slow down the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.


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