Israeli olive oil is special.  Here, served with matza.

What makes Israeli olive oil different

A Biblical legacy

Olive oil has been a part of the Holy Land since ancient times.  It was the oil used to light the Menorah, the symbol of Eternal Light, in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Olive oil is mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible as a food, healing balm, and sacramental offering. 

Deeply rooted in the Land, olive oil is one of the greatest products of Israel.  If you travel to Israel and visit some archeological digs, you will probably notice the ancient remains of giant stone olive presses in many places aroud the country.

Ideal conditions for growing olives

The taste of Israeli olive oil is as special as its history.   The "terroir", meaning the soil, climate, and other aspects of the natural area the olive trees are grown in, is one of the reasons for its unique flavor.  The Land is blessed with soil that is perfect for olive trees. If you look carefully you will see little olive trees sprouting up on their own in many places, growing from olive pits dropped by a bird or a tree. 

The olive oil made from the olives that grow on these trees has a depth of flavor that if you close your eyes almost makes you feel as if you are walking under the shade of the trees of an olive grove in the Holy Land, touching the earth and smelling the air.

Israel's abundant sunshine and mild winters create the ideal conditions for olives to flourish. The native Barnea olive with its subtle nutty and peppery flavor and blossomy scent, is especially suite to desert conditions and thrives in slightly salty soil. The marriage of sunshine, nurturing climate, rich soil, and ancient tradition gives Israeli olive oil flavor that is unrivaled in its richness and depth.  

Olive Trees Under Stress Produce Extraordinary Olive Oil

Nature has an incredible ability to adapt and thrive under challenging circumstances.  The olive trees of the Valley of Soreq, Israel, exemplify this resilience.

The sandy soil and dry conditions force olive trees to channel their resources into producing a diverse range of beneficial compounds that fortify the fruit and enhance the oil extracted from it. This natural phenomenon is called xenohormesis.

This results in a exceptional olive oil.

A thoughtful gift

Israeli olive oil with its rich history and special flavor makes a thoughtful gift that will touch the heart of someone that loves Israel.  Whether enjoyed for its amazing taste, health benefits, or used in religious ritual, it ias a gift that will be appreciated every time it is used.

Respect for tradition

Holive Oil is made from hand-harvested olives that are  cold pressed.  

That means the olives are crushed into a pure olive oil without using any heat, chemicals, or other artificial interference, honoring thousands of years of tradition.

The result is a flavor that is the purest essence of fresh olives.  It makes taste buds dance.

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