best extra virgin olive oil from Israel

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel

  • Experience a new level of flavor.  Holive Oil is one of the best loved olive oil brands from Israel. Customers rave about it: "Superb and tastes like no other. Delicious; some of the best extra virgin olive oil I've ever had."  Holive Oil has a subtle blossomy flavor with nutty undertones, a bit of a peppery bite, and a flowery, fresh fragrance. You will love it!
  • Deepen your connection to the Holy Land. Made from hand picked olives grown on a family farm in the Valley of Soreq in Israel, where Samson roamed. 
  • A beautiful addition to your counter. Holive Oil is packaged in beautiful metal bottles for maximum freshness and quality (exposure to light degrades olive oil.)  Bottles have an easy pour spout for comfortable use.
  • Feel confident you are getting 100% purity. No blends, no cuts, no nonsense. Each beautiful metal bottle contains 30.4 fl oz of our 100% pure, single estate, first cold press extra virgin olive oil.  Nothing added, nothing taken away. Our olives are picked and immediately pressed by a master milner, for best taste, aroma, and healthfulness. 

Help us win the battle against the anti-Israel BDS movement!

How to figure out how much Holive Oil you need

Do you save your Holive Oil for special occasions, using it mostly in salad dressing and special recipes every once in while?  3 bottles a year will work for you.

Are you on a Mediterranean or a low carb, high fat meal plan and do you cook a lot? You will use a bottle per month or more.

Do you take 1 tablespoon of olive oil per day for health reasons? A bottle of Holive Oil will last 2 months.


Holive Oil is a gift you will be thanked for all year long

Order for yourself, or send a special gift to a friend or loved one.

Packaged in a beautiful metal bottle, Holive Oil is a perfect holiday gift, hostess gift, birthday gift, or a special treat for yourself!

Get a gift your recipient will love!

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