best extra virgin olive oil from Israel

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel

It's quite an experience to visit an olive grove in Israel, especially in a hot and arid place like the Valley of Soreq and then to taste that same olive oil.  Knowing the history of the land, it feels like a miracle.

Incredible depth of flavor. 
Holive Oil is a superb boutique extra virgin olive oil made in Israel. It is cold pressed, which means it is made without heat or chemicals.  It is made from olives hand picked in the Valley of Soreq at the first harvest and immediately pressed by a master milner for best flavor, scent and quality.  

Holive Oil has a subtle blossomy flavor with nutty undertones, a bit of a peppery bite, and a flowery, fresh fragrance. 

"Superb and tastes like no other. Delicious; some of the best extra virgin olive oil I've ever had.

The oil is uniquely packaged in beautiful metal bottles for maximum freshness and quality (exposure to light degrades olive oil.)  Bottles have an easy pour spout for comfortable use.



A gift you will be thanked for all year long

If your recipient feels a special connection to Israel, and appreciates fine olive oil, you can not go wrong with Holive Oil. 

Packaged in a beautiful metal bottle, Holive Oil is a perfect holiday gift, hostess gift, birthday gift, or a special treat for yourself.

How to figure out how much Holive Oil you need

Do you save your olive oil for special occasions, using it mostly in salad dressing and special recipes every once in while?  Each bottle is 30.4 Fl oz, so three bottles a year will work for you.

If you are on a Mediterranean or a low carb, high fat meal plan and cook a lot, expect to use a bottle per month or more.

If you take 1 tablespoon of olive oil per day for health reasons, a bottle of Holive Oil will last 2 months. 


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