Holive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel

Holive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel

Holive Oil is extra virgin olive oil made from hand picked olives grown in our olive groves in the Valley of Soreq in Israel. Holive Oil is made from Barnea Olives, a premium olive variety named for the Kadesh Barnea region in which it was found, on the border between the Sinai Desert and Israel. We harvest olives from the Holive Oil groves right at the start of the season, when yield of olive oil per pound of olives is lowest and quality is highest. We then immediately cold press our olives to make Holive Oil.


If you have never tasted Holive Oil, you are in for a treat. Holive Oil tastes different than Spanish, Greek, and Italian oils. It is flowery with nutty undertones and a bit of a peppery bite. It is subtle and does not overpower food but rather enhances it. As our customers say, even eggs taste so much better with Holive Oil. Dipping good bread into Holive Oil is another taste level altogether, because of Holive Oil's depth of flavor.


The Valley of Sorek in the Biblical times bordered between the Philistines and the Hebrew tribe of Dan. This was the region of Samson. North of the valley there is a spring called En Hakkore. According to the Book of Judges after one of his triumphs over the Philistines Samson was about to die of thirst and he called upon the Lord and a spring emerged from the ground.

Since ancient times olives have been integral to the Holy Land. The Bible describes the Promised Land as `a land of olive trees and honey.’

The Holy Land’s olive oil was used in the Temple, used to anoint kings, used as a healing balm, used for illumination, and of course, savored for its luscious flavor as part of a meal or on its own as a delicious gift from the land.

“And thou shall command the children of Israel that they bring unto you pure olive oil beaten for lighting to make a light shine out continuously.”

Exodus 27:20

Then Samuel took the horn of oil, and anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and the Spirit of The Lord came mightily upon David from that day forward

1 Samuel 16:13

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